Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Syahrini Hot Stage

First appeared at the music of Indonesia, it appears that the maximum Syahrini by accentuating her sexuality. If they sing, second son of three brothers were always tight and was impressed naughty costumed. His songs also tend to beat high.

However Syahrini appearance began to change after becoming Anang Hermansyah duet partner. Bogor Rain City Women born August 1, 1982 it began to close when the event was a widower Kris Kristofferson Dashyah in Semarang, Central Java, in December 2009. Anang then sang the song 'Separuh Jiwaku Pergi'. Syahrini while singing 'Pusing Setengah Mati'.

At that time, Syahrini ask Anang that made the song. Request Syahrini welcomed by Anang. He was asked to come to the studio Anang, in Radio Dalam, South Jakarta. Once tested, Anang comfortable with Syahrini sound character.

Furthermore Syahrini Anang chose to duet partner. Indonesian Idol jury was dismissed Syahrini voice sound like Krisdayanti. "I select Syahrini was indeed a good voice, it sounds out from herself," said Anang.

Source : http://hits-musik.blogspot.com/2010/04/anang-featuring-syahrini-title-hits.html
Image : http://img2.kapanlagi.com/g/syahrini_duet_bareng_kaka_slank/p/slank_feat_syahrini_konser_27th_slank_anniversary_1-20101212-005-bambang.jpg

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hot Pics of Dian Sastro Indonesian Artist

Untuk Gambar Hot Artis Lain Klik Gambarnya

Dian Sastrowardoyo was born on 16 March 1982 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her real name is Diandra Paramitha Sastrowardoyo. Dian is an Indonesian popular model and actress

Biografy :
1996, she was the cover girl of Gadis, a teen magazine in Indonesia. She later became popular as Daya, the protagonist in Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sand). Dian finally kick-started her career on the big screen with a starring role in the boxoffice hit (In Indonesia and Malaysia) Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC) (What’s Up With Love? (film)). Since then she has established herself as one of Indonesia’s most bankable actresses, starring in films such as , Banyu Biru, Ungu Violet and Belahan Jiwa. as well as foreign movies like the Malaysian produced, Puteri Gunung Ledang
Her recent (as of March 2007) television appearances include playing Raya in Dunia Tanpa Koma and a brief stint as the host of the game show Kuis Super Milyarder Tiga Milyar.
* 3 Doa 3 Cinta (2008) – Dona Satelit
* Belahan Jiwa- Benny (2006) – Cempaka
* Ungu Violet (2005) – Kalin
* Banyu Biru (2005) – Sula
* Puteri Gunung Ledang (2005) – Medicine Seller’s Daughter (cameo)
* Arisan! (2004) – Woman in Gallery (cameo)
* Ada Apa dengan Cinta? (2002) – Cinta
* Pasir Berbisik (2001) – Daya
* Bintang Jatuh (2000) – Donna
* Panasonic Cinema – host
* Dunia Tanpa Koma (2006) – Raya

Source : http://situsartis.blogspot.com/2010/12/female-indonesian-actress-dian-sastro.html
Image Source : http://img2.kapanlagi.com/woman/g/why_we_love_dian_sastrowardoyo/dian_sastro_wo-20081120-002-rita.jpg

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Car Girl Hot Pics

A girl car or girl's car refers to a model stereotypically associated with women. Examples of cars that have features that appeal to women and are associated with that gender include the Peugeot 206cc, of which only 12% of buyers were male,[1] Perodua Myvi , Atos Opel Tigra.[2] Girl cars tend to be cheap, little, cute and gutless.[2]

Some manufacturers have designed cars specifically for women, such as a Volvo S60-based concept car unveiled in 2004[3] and a model designed by Iran Khodro[4]

Image Source : http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_GClNlZNX2uU/S9zYNjO6MvI/AAAAAAAACeg/i8ZkNHGrZZ4/s1600/SYAHRINI+5.jpg